Our R&D Policy

Research and development at the core of our business

Research and development of new methods, new tools and new applications are the driving forces behind MicrodB’s business. Our network of academic, industrial and institutional partners enables us to identify tomorrow’s technologies to meet future market needs. The construction and implementation of innovation projects respond either to a specific client/customer application or to an emerging market. MicrodB works with its long-standing partners, or with new partners as the need arises.


This sector remains the historical driving force behind innovation in acoustic imaging. Initially motivated by the resolution of mechanical noise sources in the automotive industry, it is now pushing ahead with projects to identify aeroacoustic noise sources polluting our acoustic environment.

Environment and Safety

MicrodB has recently broken new ground in these sectors by transferring technologies developed for the transportation sector and increasing its expertise in sound recognition. Innovation combines detection, location and identification of noise sources to control and monitor the soundscape.