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Acoustic transparency measurement

Prioritize noise sources contributing to the listening point to optimize treatments

Whatever the measurement environment – cabin interior, coupled chamber – MicrodB’s tools and expertise enable you to characterize the contribution of the main noise sources in less time than with conventional intensimetry or masking methods.

Knowing the contributions of cabin panels or any weaknesses makes it possible to estimate the gains obtained by treating them, thus providing decisive information for selecting the modifications to be made to achieve a targeted noise level.

Two approaches depending on the degree of precision required

For fine, quantitative characterization that can replace standardized measurements using intensity probes coupled with masking, advanced acoustic imaging measurements and methods such as holography or Bayesian focusing can be used to locate and quantify sources finely, and at the same time extract their power levels. In the case of panels for which transparency needs to be defined, measurements will also need to determine the incident field. MicrodB masters both aspects of these measurements: incident and transmitted fields. These can be implemented in coupled acoustic chambers, or directly on vehicles without masking.

To establish a classification of dominant noise zones and noise reduction through their treatment, MicrodB’s tools and expertise make it possible to estimate the contribution of panels at a control point. The method is based on a few seconds’ measurement of the acoustic field using a spherical array, enabling tests to be carried out under real conditions (taxiing, flight, etc.) or in a wind tunnel, thus reducing the cost of using these heavy resources.

Array processing propagates the identified sources both on a flat surface adapted to a panel, and on a 3D mesh of the surface to be characterized (apron, passenger compartment interior, etc.). The zones to be qualified then follow the perfect geometry of the surfaces, for better quality results.

Cabin Comfort

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