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Experts in data science and signal processing for new, highly complementary expertise in acoustic source location

Sound recognition relies on learning algorithms that require a mastery of signal processing to choose the right metrics. MicrodB’s expertise makes the difference in this choice. In addition, a project in this field requires close collaboration with the customer, in order to acquire the databases needed for the learning process, and, if necessary, to provide training and support in the use of the methodology, so that it can evolve with the sound environment. The proximity of MicrodB’s staff to its customers is a guarantee of immediate and future success.

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Monitoring acoustic sources, whether malicious or not, involves a sound recognition stage. MicrodB selects the methodology best suited to the problem: identifying a single signature, classifying several sounds, etc., and to the available sound database.

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dBFlash monitors passing vehicle noise. It addresses the problem of particularly noisy vehicles, or can be used to acquire databases on the noise levels of vehicles on the road in your built-up area. Sound recognition eliminates many cases of false alarms (e.g. emergency vehicle sirens).

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Sound Recognition

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