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Detect, locate and identify sound sources in an acoustic landscape

MicrodB’s offer focuses on the environmental monitoring of localized sound sources, be they quality control on a production line, noisy machinery on a building site, malicious sources such as drones, or shouting.  For these applications, we combine our expertise in acoustic imaging and sound recognition.

Each acoustic monitoring application is unique in terms of the type of sound sources to be monitored, the measurement environment in which they operate, and the information to be provided. MicrodB offers a set of technological building blocks that can be custom-assembled to provide the best possible response to each specific need.

The supply of a device begins with a feasibility phase in which a demonstrator is assembled and adapted to validate measurement, detection and identification performances, with the creation of the first learning databases. The integration of the device into the customer’s environment is then studied. This phase defines the final product design and the optimization of manufacturing costs to suit the budget, as well as any interface to an information system or server for data feedback. MicrodB can provide support for the subsequent production, deployment and maintenance phases.

Measurements and Data processing

Monitoring sound sources requires a system for continuous measurement of the sound environment, and possibly a visual system, or one that can be coupled with such a system. MicrodB offers this measurement capability using an acoustic antenna to denoise, locate/detect all sound sources in space, or to isolate a single source if its spatial location is well defined. The data is then processed to identify the type of noise associated with each sound source, based on a specific criterion (noise threshold, number of sources, etc.). The processed information is then fed back to the device to which the monitoring system is interfaced. These operations are generally carried out in minimal time, or even in real time, thanks to MicrodB’s mastery of processing optimization (graphics card, etc.).

MicrodB manages the entire project, involving the customer at every stage to ensure that developments and validations are in line with requirements. All tasks that are not MicrodB’s core business are subcontracted to trusted partner companies.

Environmental Monitoring

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