Numerous noise sources in the landscape contribute to high ambient noise levels, sometimes excessive from a regulatory point of view. Controlling and monitoring them makes it possible to anticipate, correct and even penalize those who exceed authorized noise thresholds.

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Ambient noise is the sum of more or less localized sound sources. MicrodB offers an array-based methodology for isolating and qualifying these sound sources. Beyond a simple sound level meter measurement, the sound source is spatially located, denoised, quantified and, if necessary, a sound recognition method is used to confirm its nature.

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Transportation is one of the main contributors to ambient noise. Acoustic imaging techniques adapted to transit noise can be used to extract this noise and its contribution to overall noise levels.

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The monitoring and control of one or more sound sources contributes to the control of ambient noise. The proposed methodology makes it possible to isolate and control them.

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Acoustic imaging and sound recognition techniques are MicrodB’s indispensable know-how for locating-detecting-identifying noise sources and determining their contribution to overall ambient noise. The design and development of a bespoke product enables us to respond to a wide range of sound identification applications.

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