Identification of component acoustic power on a test bench

Context and issues

Completed in 2018, the EcoBex project involved designing an acoustic treatment strategy for internal combustion engine automobiles aimed at reducing pass-by noise in the light of the new ISO 362 test standard and new EU regulations. The method developed by MicrodB in this project enabled the development of a precise and rapid quantitative tool to measure the acoustic power of components on a test bench.



Associate 3D test data with simulations


Reduce bench testing time


Break down sound power by component

Key development points

  • 3D measurement of radiated sound field using arrays
  • 3D back-propagation of the radiated sound field on noisy components’ skin mesh
  • Quantification of acoustic sources using Bayesian focusing methods

Results and presentation

The work on data from engine and roller bench measurements validated a method with the same accuracy as standard intensimetry probe methods. Numerous MicrodB publications have dealt with applications of this project.