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Transportation is the source of many noise sources affecting users and the environment. From an initial focus on diagnostics, the development of techniques now makes it possible to combine testing and simulation to predict noise levels.

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For over 30 years, MicrodB has been assisting manufacturers and equipment suppliers in their choice of technology, in the development phase of new processes, and also in the provision of more specific services. MicrodB’s expertise ranges from simple bench diagnostics to component qualification in conjunction with simulation tools.

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Numerous Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs are now equipped with the SimCenter SoundCamera acoustic camera for acoustic diagnostics. They appreciate the product developed by MicrodB, which stands out for its hardware and software modularity, covering a wide range of needs, and its use in the Simcenter Testlab environment.

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In addition to simple noise source location diagnostics, MicrodB’s expertise can help you with the acoustic qualification of components on the bench, using a 3D measurement and processing technique that facilitates test/simulation correlation.

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Automotive interiors, aircraft and railway cabins are reverberant and noisy environments. MicrodB offers quick-to-implement solutions so that measurements can be taken in real-life conditions or under artificial excitation, in order to detect parasitic noise, map sources or determine their contributions.

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Controlling external noise is a key issue in the transport sector; aeroacoustic sources are the main contributors at high speeds. Wind tunnel qualification makes it possible to deal with these sources.

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Transportation & Mobility

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