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MicrodB brings together all the skills needed to create a tailor-made product for identifying your acoustic sources. Our experience and the software and hardware base provided by our standard products guarantee you an industrial solution tailored to your needs. What’s more, our team of experts will support you in defining your specifications, sizing the solution and choosing the processing methods.

The MicrodB team can take charge of your new imaging application project as soon as the specifications are defined. We help you refine your needs: measurement conditions, emission of sources of interest, resolution objective, dynamics, desired magnitude and output. The functional scope will also be defined, taking into account your technical, financial and scheduling constraints. During the development phase, our tools, software and hardware base, and our methods will be adapted to your application. Finally, we will support you in implementing the product in your environment with documentation and training. Then we’ll provide long-term maintenance, facilitated by our off-the-shelf product base.

Choosing the right materials

MicrodB can select the best array geometry according to the required performance in terms of resolution and dynamics, thanks to its internal geometry optimization tool. For outdoor measurements, the array is typically flat, whereas for cavity measurements, the array is spherical, preferably rigid. Microphone positioning is the key to performance in identifying noise sources according to the frequency band of interest: a high microphone density is favorable for high-frequency analysis with good dynamic range, while a large array size is preferable for low-frequency analysis with good resolution.

Customized software tools

Our graphics libraries, calculation core and API (Application Programming Interface) are the starting point for a customized project. They have been tried and tested by numerous users, and make it possible to avoid redeveloping standard functionalities (measurement, processing, display, etc.). The modules that make them up interact via the API, and can be assembled as required, with the addition of any extra functionality required. They connect to other environments via different protocols, both to retrieve input data and to supply results.

Data processing

In terms of methods and processes, our engineers/doctors are fully conversant with the signal processing algorithms used in our tools, so that they can be adapted to your specific needs. The various processing operations enable fine location, quantification, denoising, coherence analysis, recognition of specific acoustic signatures, etc.

Recently-developed applications include wind tunnel measurements and pass-by noise analysis, requiring large aarrays and numerous microphones. Monitoring applications involving detection/identification of sound sources in noisy environments may also require array denoising, in which case the array design must be adapted to the measurement environment (watertightness, compactness, etc.).

Custom-made Products

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