dB Flash

Automatically control noisy vehicles in your built-up area

Context and issues

dBFlash is designed to help raise awareness among drivers of noisy vehicles in urban environments, and to develop regulations for in situ noise measurements. To this end, the product developed during the project, known as “acoustic radar”, measures and transfers the noise annoyance level of a passing vehicle in relation to the standard, following a calibrated procedure. These levels, coupled with vehicle data, can form useful databases for regulatory or other purposes.




Contribute to regulating vehicle noise control


Develop a tool adapted to dynamic and automated control


Experiment in a variety of conditions and environments

Key development points

  • Isolate vehicle noise in an urban noise environment
  • Provide irrefutable proof of the passage of a very noisy vehicle
  • Develop a robust and reliable metrology product

Results and presentation

The patented method developed by MicrodB has proved its effectiveness in various experiments, notably in France, the UK and Belgium. MicrodB is pursuing this project with the production of pre-series which will be approved by the LNE (French National Metrology & Testing Laboratory).