Dynamic Noise Control on Motorsport Racetracks


A simple, automated tool for dynamic noise control

dBFlash Circuit


Identify the vehicle and its noise level

Synchronized video and audio recording


Quasi real-time control

Automatic reporting of threshold violations


Fully automated processing in compliance with regulations

Automatic calculation of distance and time between two passes


Tailor-made implementation

Purchasing, management, training and maintenance

Automated, synchronized sound level meter and video analysis for quasi real-time control

At the measurement point at the edge of the runway, vehicle passage is detected by video analysis, triggering a trajectory shot and a few seconds of audio recording, on which the maximum noise level at the point of passage is recorded.

The latter is corrected at the reference distance to the measurement distance evaluated by video.

PC traffic analysis and identification of threshold violations

A web application provides near-real-time access to noise levels corrected for vehicle passages.

Passages above the 109 dBA threshold are highlighted.

The link to the proof file enables identification of the vehicle by zooming in on the bib (front/rear/side view).

Optional directional array to improve acoustic measurement accuracy and prevent false alarms

The directional acoustic array is patented technology derived from the dBFlash sound radar product, which isolates the noise of a passing vehicle over an area of +/- 5 meters.

This system guarantees that the noise level measured with the sound level meter is only linked to the passage of a single vehicle, with no restriction on the passage time between 2 vehicles.

Controle bruit en dynamique sur circuit automobile

Deployment tailored to your needs


  • For purchase
  • Contracts
  • On an ad hoc basis

Our offers give you the budgetary flexibility you need to comply with new regulations on dynamic noise control.

Our technicians travel throughout Europe to support you.


  • Maintenance
  • Data transfer over a secure network
  • Automatic reporting
  • Implementation and training

Verification of system operation and some system maintenance can be carried out remotely.

Dynamic noise control with dBFlash Circuit

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