Noise sources are part and parcel of any mechanical system, and sometimes require urgent intervention when they exceed an acceptable threshold or warn of a malfunction.

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Acoustics is not the first criterion dealt with in the design phase, and problems often have to be resolved urgently at the end of development. MicrodB’s tools and services can help you in your acoustic diagnostics to reduce noise. Noise emissions can also be a criterion for product conformity or failure, particularly in end-of-line control or for structural health monitoring.

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The SimCenter SoundCamera acoustic camera tool developed by MicrodB is suitable for rapid on-site diagnosis, and meets the needs of non-specialists in acoustic source identification. Easy to use, it provides preliminary on-site noise maps.

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MicrodB’s experts can help you set up a bench measurement campaign using acoustic imaging. This technique can be used to identify a hot spot that contributes to exceeding a noise limit beyond that measured with a sound intensity meter.

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Monitoring the operating status of a machine, or validating its conformity to production standards, can be achieved by means of acoustic measurements, that must be conform to certain criteria. MicrodB’s expertise can meet these requirements, even in noisy environments.

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