Automatic control of noisy vehicles in your community

Carry out measurement campaigns and fine noisy drivers

dBFlash City


Quick installation

Pole-mounted and connected to the cellular network


Reliable measurements

No false alarm to isolate vehicle noise above threshold level in traffic


Complete proof

Audio and video with vehicle identification (ANPR) transferred for processing

Easy, discreet installation in urban settings

dBFlash City is the answer to  annoyances caused by very noisy vehicles. Like speed radars, this noise radar is designed to automatically detect excessively noisy vehicles and issue fines to combat noise pollution.

The dBFlash City radar can be mounted either on a free-standing bracket or on a public light pole.

The radar’s video system can be connected to your town’s existing video surveillance systems.

Controle du bruit en milieu urbain

Unique, patented technology to isolate a vehicle in traffic

dB Flash incorporates a unique noise measurement system based on a directional microphone array coupled with video monitoring. Any vehicle passing under the control point in any direction can trigger the measurement if it exceeds the acceptable noise threshold.

Vehicle noise is isolated from other noise sources thanks to high-resolution acoustic processing.

Images of the vehicle passing and its license plate from the rear are securely transferred to the relevant authority.

controle du bruit


  • One-way or two-way traffic

  • Class 1 equivalent sound level meter

  • Class 1 equivalent directional array

  • 5-meter control zone

  • Estimated vehicle speed

  • Measurement range: 30 to 130 km/h


antenne db flash

  • 5-meter resolution (size of a light vehicle)

  • Vehicle classification (2-wheelers, light vehicles, trucks, buses)

  • Vehicle identification (automatic plate reading)

Automatic control of noisy vehicles with dBFlash City

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