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Over 30 years’ experience in software and hardware development, transferring advanced methods for acoustic source identification based on array processing from academia to industry.

The product functionalities that MicrodB can offer include measurement, signal processing, 2D and 3D data display and data transmission. They are managed by independent technological bricks, adapted and assembled as required for off-the-shelf or customized products. The resulting software and hardware architecture offers flexibility and improved product quality. Maintenance is more easily assured over time.

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MicrodB’s off-the-shelf product SimCenter SoudCamera combines acoustic and video measurement, enabling the noise source map to be superimposed on the image in real time or by replaying the measurement. The unique software platform interfaces with any type of antenna to cover most acoustic diagnostic applications.

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MicrodB has developed a patented solution for measuring and identifying noise sources in enclosed spaces, based on a spherical antenna. It is akin to a 360° acoustic camera, with applications in interior comfort.

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Not all applications can be covered by measuring with off-the-shelf arrays and software. MicrodB can design and develop custom arrays that can be easily interfaced with software bricks, and to which  processing and graphics can be added.

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dBFlash monitors vehicle noise when passing through noisy environments. MicrodB’s know-how has enabled us to develop a unique, patented solution, which, once certified, will enable us to penalize vehicles that are too noisy.

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Software and Hardware Solutions

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